Sunday, 20 May 2007

mars vs thorntons

i'm rather disappointed in them for caving in so easily actually. i was rather looking forward to justifying my new found obsession with thorntons.


click here for important information on when the products will be suitbale for vegetarians ( check the sell by dates) and which products were never suitable (ie bounty, twix and celebrations)


iMuslim said...


A girl after my own chocolate-coated heart! It must be my good/bad influence? ;)

Unique Muslimah said...

am I the only one who doesn't fancy chocolates? I can crave for them once or twice a year, but that's about it...

It's weird but when I eat chocolate it burns my throat and I cough and it gets sticky so I have to drink water after it.

But hey, enjoy and eat some on my behalf! ;)

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

I just bought my stash of medicinal chocolates (including a snickers bar) for next week last night then came home and saw your post. Like Unique, I usually hate them but once a month, I must administer chocolates every 4-6 hours followed by something salty for two days.

Anonymous said...

Unique- No your not the only one who isn’t very partial to chocolates because im not either. Everyone including hema thinks im really weird cs I rarely eat chocolates but im really disappointed with mars for adding in animal rennet in their products. Im not sure how logical it is if they are losing two different customer groups (muslims and vegetarians). Doesn’t make sense on a business level. Oh well those of you who do like chocolates can support ummah foods as they have a nice variety(I think they do) of chocolates.


Ps Hema do you ever check your phone?

Anonymous said...

ok so im behind on the news, I didnt know the retracted their pervious statement.


Saabirah said...

Everyone who doesn't like chocolates is weird and abnormal and need therapy.

Unique Muslimah said...

Saudi stepford, maybe I need something salty after I eat a chocolate then?

anonymous, it's good to know I'm not in the boat alone!

Sabirah, sometimes it's against our own will. We are normal and happy without chocolates and we don't need therapy. :)

hema said...

imsulim, it is most definitely your bad influence:)

unique- i also feel thirsty after having chocolate, but do not let this hinder me, i just have cofee with it. another one of my vices. sigh. i HAVE to have chocolate and cofee EVERY day. so, daisy and co, i envy your aversion to chocolate.

daisy- i do not like snickers, don't ever mention them to me again! i will not touch them even in times of desperation. i like real chocolste, like truffles.

faz, yes i checked my phone, dawah i know- i'll get back to you soon. i heard of ummah chocolates recently actually, but i thought it was just a London thing? do they do chocolates here too? do they have truffles? i'm liking the idea of supporting a good cause for totally selfless reasons of course:)

mishy said...

Hema, your blog is rubbish compared to my favourite blog:

Its George the volcano - I'M THE DADDY NOW!!!!


stranger said...

wimmy road if u want ummah choc. I think i saw it in one of the islamic shops....go check...or try worldwides

Anonymous said...

Saabirah - ehem ehem i think a person who stashes away choclate in her draw is werid and in need of therapy.if anyone is short on choclates got to saabirahs room and you find choclates that will last for a whole year....

Faz XX

hema said...

well mishy,i hope you and goerge will be very happy together, i'll try not to miss you on here too much:)
shall i cancel your invite to secret sphere as well?
thanks stranger, i'll try wilmslow road next time i'm there.
farzana, hey there is nothing wrong with having an emergency supply of chocolate! anyway, stop wasting time on my blog at work, i don't want to be the reason you get in trouble!

Anonymous said...

hema- its your fault you got me hooked.... and i won't get in trouble, hema do you know eaxactly what i do? Well il spare the details on mondy when we meet up are saabirah, caged bird and umm maymoona coming too?

Faz XxX