Sunday, 15 April 2007

my new blog

i like blogging. you may be able to tell seen as i post almost every day! and i'm slowly but surely convincing my friends to blog. habiba should start hers soon! i like habiba, she is my favourite person ever and i tend to follow her everywhere! i think she is trying to get rid of me though, so if anyone wants to take her place... :)

one of the things i like about blogging is i can share what i know with whoever wants to view it. people sometimes ask me about teaching and what is like, for example, and i think it's important to answer such questions honestly. i will be posting soon on what a typical day at work is like, complete with every minute boring detail, so you have that to look forward to:) so, i like the fact that this blog is open to the public and anyone can access it for that reason, maybe even people i don't know, and i would encourage such people to ask questions and particpate in any debates or discussions.


at the same time, i'm consciouss of the fact that i can't always "be myself" on this blog, and it would be nice to have a space where i can write soley for my freinds' benefit. wordpress have this feature, for example, with password protected posts, and of course you can restrict access on myspace (msn messenger space) but i still think blogspot is much better.


the only way i can think of at the moment to get round this issue is to create a separate blog. you can access it via my profile, by clicking on "secrets".

the easiest thing to do would be to email me if you want access. i've already added the people who comment regularly, seen as they are my most loyal blogging friends. blogger sends the email so it may go to your junk email folder.

anyway, as i said, most of the useful stuff will be here still, but the other one is where all the fun will be at:) i'll leave it to you to choose which one you want to view..


YMiss said...

hema lema i don't have access and how much is habiba paying u 2 make tht blog 4 her?!

baba said she might not be able to make it 2 mine on wednesday, so do u wana come instead ;-)

hema said...

second choice! normal people would be insulted but beggers can't be choosers, i need all the friends i can get!
but i work til late on wednesdays, i have a "twilight" class. all make baba go for you though, how's that?

i did add you..honest! it mayhave gone to your junk email. add blogger to your safe list, as they have to send the verfication.. thingy

justme said...

hey Hema, salaam :)
gosh you've been busy. I love reading people's blogs (those I know) cos it gives you this extra insight into their personality that you dont otherwise have the privelege to see. especially if you're me and you dont see your friends much anyway. Thanks for the smiles honey :)

anyway I wanted to ask why I havent been added? seeing i helped you figure out if your new blog worked...

hema said...

salaam doctor saaa--b
only figured out who you were from that last comment (checking to see if my blog really didn't allow uninvited people on)
anyhow,i said only people that comment get an automatic invite, but seen as you have now, i've added you. the first post on it is that topic YOU would't let me post on this one, just in case certain people read..
anyway, i've added my email to my profile so anyone else who wants access can email. it's the easiest way for me to do it, as i then have access to the email address you use for your google account.

YMiss said...

you sent it to my hotmail account and for some reason it's not working...send again to my gmail and defintly make baba come!

YMiss said...

ok now its letting me view it as a guest through my hotmail account but not allowing me 2 comment!! hurry up and email it 2 my gmail account!!

hema said...

ymiss, i don't know if i said let you comment seen as NOONE can comment on your blog.

(i've sent the email to your gmail account)