Thursday, 12 April 2007

in the blink of an eye..

My dad said once that his life has passed in a blink of an eye. One minute he was just a young boy, and the next retirement is looming and he sits wondering where all the time has gone. It’s a scary thought that one of the signs of the end of time is that time will pass quickly, but as we become immersed in everyday life, it is easy to forget how short life really is. So now as I’m nearly as quarter of a century old and a new sate in my life looms, I can’t help wondering is it just me or is life passing by quickly all of a sudden?

I think one of the problems in today’s world is we are so preoccupied and even in our leisure (leeesure- ssw:)) time we feel the need to occupy ourselves with tv, computer games etc instead of just sitting and reflecting or talking. So, we keep busy and then we reach the age of retirement and then we stop and wonder where has all the time gone.

So, a new life then and new responsibilities. When I was at uni and I was having a bad hijaab:) day and didn’t want to get out of bed, it was just me that was affected. Now, if I were to do that, a whole class full of kids are affected (very thankful kids no doubt but still) as well as the office staff running around sorting out cover etc

I’m not saying I want to live a totally selfish life forever, i’m just saying it’s sad that’s all. It’s sad how people have to change their lives and change their priorities and move away and grow apart.

and I miss my childhood. I miss high school – not all of it, definitely not all of it, but the part where I felt secure and the part where I felt that the future was certain and there was someone else making the decisions about what I should study, and the part where what I wanted to be when I grew up was very far away.

I guess I miss the certainty of the future.

I miss feeling certain that everything good always wins out, and that when the time for marriage comes, the perfect person will suddenly appear without having to be disappointed, or worse, disappointing. I miss having to worry only about the history essay and trivial problems like not being picked last for the hockey team (although I’m sure it didn’t seem trivial at the time!)

and I miss what the nineteen nineties mean to me. I mean I showed a friends video to look at language in informal contexts and the students were all complaining. since when was friends out of fashion?? They were asking for someone called borat instead (?) and if someone called acorn(?) Walked passed me in the street, I really would be none the wiser.

And when I’m interviewing for the new intake in lower sixth, the candidates were born in the nineties! A generation who did not know life without the internet or taking a mobile phone with you wherever you go.

I’ve drifted off topic. My original point was life passes by in the blink of an eye (rhyme intended:)) And when you look back at your life, you’re not going to remember the day to day things that seem so important at the time but in the end they are so trivial, such as the report you have been stressing out about for work. rather, you’re going to want to remember your children or your family and what they mean to you. so value the little things and take time out to remember them. and value your friends and family while you have them,because they may not be in your life forever, at least not on a day to day basis.

and if you’re muslim .. then be thankful as every hurt and pain you endure in life has a point to it, and just remember that when you’re looking back at your life, the things that will count are the things that you did solely for the sake of Allah, whether that is relationships you form with people, or picking litter up from the street. in the end nothing else matters. For everything else is “just a temporary measure:)”


just a temporary measure said...

Here Here!! that was a "get you thinking" type of post. It's soo true though. Life does past by quickly i was watching cricket the other day (i never actually liked it but i love it now!? ) and since when were cricket players supposed to be younger than 20?! pretty much the whole bangladeshi team are in their late teens!?? i felt so old dammit and i thought back to the good ol' times when you were safe in the knowledge that anyone younger than you was still in primary school.(downcast sigh)

Borat is supposed to be a comedian some (Mishy) like he is funny but he plays the sex/racist card. you don't wanna show that in class

AKOn(lol) is a rap/ Hip Hop artist. Some people like his songs. But i don't they're disgusting, the videos are vile and the lyrics are equally heinous (well for some of his songs anyway t'is a dangerous thing to generalise). Again i wouldn't put his music on in a class room situation

P.S. i love the dramatic ending:P

YMiss said...

i always get the feeling that life's going to fast when deadlines start approching.

Hope your having fun in london. Im now creditless so if u check this tell baba I want a hot chocolate with cream when she gets back.


hema said...

thank you jtm for keeping me informed:)
ymiss- just got back from london! three whole days without internet access would you believe i survived!

iMuslim said...

Salaams sis

I think this is my first comment on your blog... anyway, this post certainly made me think about just how quickly life has past me by. I'm also in my mid-20s, but the last 3-4 years have just zoomed by, and it leaves me a little scared when i think how fast the next few months will go.

It is certainly even more scary to think how much time I waste on senseless activities... i mean, entertainment and relaxation is halal, but sometimes i just go overboard, and then regret it.

Balance is key to everything...

hema said...

wa alaikum assalaam,
balance is indeed key to everything, and believe me i know exactly what you mean about going overboard.
don't worry not all of my posts are designed to make you scared ..just some of them.. as a little bit of fear is a good thing.
i'm sure none of them will make you green either:)