Wednesday, 28 March 2007

safe driving

i haven't had an accident in five years, alhamdulilah. hhm i do not think this is due to my own safe driving actually. i have made some very stupid mistakes and i can't park(at all, really, ask anyone. sometimes i have to get out and let me sister in law do it. hanging my head in shame at this , but i attribute it to all her years of london driving)

anyhow, the reason i am talking about safe driving is because i nearly died yesterday. in fact you're all lucky i am able to still talk to all of you good people (oh and mishy) because my darling little sister thought she would try and steer round the corner in third gear.

i think this is why women should be banned from driving. and yes, that is supposed to provoke a reaction from you and encourage you to share your driving experiences. saudi stepford wife, where have you gone, you have a feminist streak, if your last post is anything to go by:)

drive safe


baba said...

you know what id actually carry on feeling really bad (as honestly i did after the INCIDENT- it wasnt really an accident as there were no other cars involved).... but as soon as we got home she asked for a cup of tea to be brought up and that i should buy her another brooch (to add to her 50 strong collection) to make up for my feelings ceased and i ask you all not to let this taint my driving 'skills'...

saudi stepford wife said...

Oh, Hell No!!! Those words did not come from your keyboard!!! I have a better proposal, an IQ/Maturity test for prospective drivers. Oops, that means most men wouldn't be driving :)

mishy said...

Excuse me but why have I been singled out? I smell a conspiracy...

As to your topic, yes women can be rubbish drivers but so can men. I'm a terrible driver when someone else is in the car (only been driving for 9months and already 2 "incidents", both when someone else was in the car with me) but when I'm by myself I'm fine. Must be psychological. On that note, anyone fancy a lift??

Baba, I think you should buy your sis a broach ;)

Undescovered genius said...

K, does that mean i get one too, i was also traumatised when we went to the manchester talk (thanx for the lift n all babs muwah)
iv seen 2, shal i post u the bill?

Saabirah said...

Driving experiences. Well let's see. First time I got pulled over was when I was driving at night without my lights on. Thankfully I had my "new driver" sticker on so the officer was fine with it. One time I rammed the front bumper up in that space between the body and wheel of another car while trying to back out of a parking space. Another time I called my brother to get me out of a tight parking space and he had to catch a taxi to where I was and get the car out - all the while cursing me at my "bimbo-ness". I hate parking... Another time... I forget what happened but I got a producer and my brother hadn't renewed the MOT/road tax/insurance or one of those things you have to pay for in order to drive a car and I had to go court and got a fine. I've reversed onto a bollard and scratched the paint on the back bumper in the car park near my house- after damagelessly driving to trafford centre despite getting lost. I dented someone's wing while reversing and had to pay for it but it was her fault cos she was on the phone. I'm rubbish at parking in case you hadn't figured it out and still have kind strangers helping me get in and out of spaces. I nearly burned the tyres of my younger brothers' car after I got it into a deep pothole and tried to get out. Need I carry on..?

Alhamdulillah I've not had speeding tickets. I've only had a parking fine when I parked in a supermarket car park for too long. I've not killed anyone or injured anyone including myself.

Oh and hema's WORSE at parking than me.

hema said...

HE--YY only just seen this comment. how can i possibly be worse at parking then you! that comment about your brother coming to pick you up actually made me laugh out load- i can just imagine his face.
le-et's just stick to me driving us around for now shall we?
on the other hand, i have had about four speeding tickets

oh and baba is worse at speeding then me.