Tuesday, 27 March 2007

the daughter of the prophet, peace be upon him.

Went to a talk the other day delivered by Shaykha Aysha Scott from Malaysia. The topic was the prophet’s sallahu alayhi wassalm (saw) daughter, Sidi Fatima. I’ve been waiting ag-es for a talk on a topic of this nature, so was super excited and the talk was as good as expected. Thought I would summarise and share my notes, although they do not seem to be doing justice to the passion and enthusiasm of the speaker.

Sidi fatima was the most beloved of the prophet’s (saw) children. Her status in the eyes of Allah was manifested when she saw the angel Gibreel during the night of mirage in his true form. Other than the prophet (saw) she was the only person to be granted this privilege.

When the time for her marriage came, the prophet (saw) requested everyone interested to recite the whole qura’n in one night. No one managed this task except for Ali. He recited surah ikhlas three times and was granted Fatimah’s hand in marriage.

Sidi Fatimah lived in poverty until the day she died. She found it difficult to complete her household duties but did not complain. Once Ali took pity on her and asked the prophet (saw) for a servant. The prophet (saw) stated that reciting subhanallah 33 times, alhamdullaih33 times and allahu akbar 34times was better then the help of a servent. Until their deaths, Fatima and Ali never failed to do this.

When the time came for the prophet (saw) to return to his Lord, he called for Fatimah to come to see her. He whispered something in her ear, and she cried. He whispered something again and she laughed. After the prophet (saw) passed away sidi aysha enquired about what the prophet (saw)had said. She said the first time he (saw) called her over he had told her he will soon leave the world, so she had cried. The second time, he told her that she would be the first to join him,so she laughed.

Six months after nabi’s (saw) death, Fatima lay down on her bed and peacefully passed away. Along with sidi Aysha, she is buried next to the prophet (saw) in her house.

In the ahadith it is stated that she will be the leader of all women in paradise.

All truth is from Allah alone and any mistakes are due to my own limited capacity for understanding. If you notice any discrepancies, please give me a shout so it can be changed.


Samia_DK said...

Thank you so much for sharing. feel like crying.
salaam sister.

YMiss said...

Wish I had gone to it now! I remember my dad telling me the same story it really is inspirational

hema said...

wa slaam samia
hvaden har du det?
today in my medical science lesson, i let the danish student teach the whole class some danish. well, it was a communications lesson after all. anyway, she was laughing at my pronounciation, so i don't think it's quite right.
i'm glad you liked my post. it is not all the notes, so keep a look out and i will type up the rest soon.
as for your blog, there is nothing on it! post a recipe, but just make sure it is not an eyptian/turkish one (will someone please tell samia it is very easy to get turkey and egypt confused..)
vi ses skat

Samia_DK said...

Salaam "min engel" and you may ask your student what that means.
I am so impressed at your danish skills, you have a flair for languages.
i cant wait till you type the rest, i love stories of that kind (more like that please :o))
and as for my blog, i KNOW that it is really boring but so is my life (lol) and as i have not been able to figure out anything great to write about, i thought i would just leave it for now.
hmm a recipe... i will soon, and one day when i see you again i shall make you both a turkish dish and an arabic dish and let you be the judge of the difference.. (cause it is indeed) and arabic food is SO much better and im not just saying that because im half arab. (remember i work with turkish food on a daily basis) and babe, if only you had a better sence of geografi you would not find it hard to keep the two apart... but we've had that discussion before :o)

vi ses babe.
As salaam xxx

mishy said...

I vaguely remember hearing that story before but its nice to be reminded again. Hurry and type the rest of your notes up!

UG said...

yes twas an excellent talk!
i really liked the 10 points to Jannah bit, but i shalt let you type it up with the rest i think.
thts y u should have lots of babies hehe