Thursday, 29 March 2007

an interesting experience

we had some visitors from a special needs school today at the college. they set up a stall outside the refectory and the theme was "walk in my shoes", and you basically had to try to do an everyday activity but from the perspective of a disabled person e.g walk around the college with with your eyes closed (with a guide.)

the students were annoying the hell out of me because they refused to participate. i know it is embarrassing doing something like that in front of everybody, but that was the whole point: to experience how some people feel every day.

so anyway, after a while we figured we should lead by example and the staff had a go. it really was an interesting experience. i had a go at writing my name with my teeth, with both hands behind my back and got laughed at ALOT as it was completely illegible. then had a go at reading a story as fast as i could.. backwards. finally had to try and pick up a cocktail stick with six pair of gloves on.

it was very frustrating, and an excellent reminder of how grateful we should be for what we often take for granted.

after much nagging some of the students had a go, but think i might try it again in tutorial when it is not so public, especially the dyslexia awareness ones. it will encourage people to be a lot more patient i think, and remind them that dyslexia has nothing to do with ability.

i picked up lots of useful resources too. i will post them as soon as i figure out how.


saudi stepford wife said...

I remember a similar program when I was in 5th grade. My favorite activity was trying to button a shirt with athletic socks on my hands. For me, as a child, that left a lasting impression that stays with me till know. I even made reference to it's value when doing my special ed. courses at uni and discussing how to make Inclusion work.

hema said...

that sounds interesting. your course i mean. wish i'd paid more attention whilst you were doin git ! which reminds me, weren't you going to send me your dissertation? you have finished it right? it's been two years or something!

YMiss said...

wow that is intresting. Looking forward to try some of that next time i'm on placement and not worrying about how I can link R.E to chester zoo!

Hmmmmm inclusion I should make a start on that one assignment too.

Hema are we going to do the bee-st thing on fridays now for definate? and also where did you friend get her 'kit'? I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything :-(

hema said...

the best place is the internet, and yes every friday:)

as for chester zoo and RE..why on earth...?? but you could perhaps look at what different religions say about how to treat animals? or the role of various animals in religious texts, like the buraq on the night of miraj..

YMiss said...

Hmmm i'm liking the idea of how different religions treat animals. The burq is a good one but too much for year 6.

R.E in primary schools is mainly based on the festivals or celbrations in different religions. They only go over the basics e.g. the 5 pillers, sunday mass etc