Tuesday, 5 June 2007


i love being mmmmmeeeeeee-------eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. alhamdulillah for the blessings i have.
i'm just in a good mood!

i love my family and how cute my parents are bickering with each other over silly little things because they are bored and have nothing else to do. now my grandparents and uncles have moved out.

i love my friends. seriosuly i really do. i love how even if i don't see one of them in ages we can pick up where we left off and it's the same as it always was.
i love the way there are no "politics" involved in my friendships. for example i can buy someone a present and i know they don't think " oh i have to buy them something better back now"- the way our parents generation perhaps would.
i love my blogging freinds the mo--ost! i love the way it is keeping me in touch with people who live in other countries, sometimes i "speak" to them more than my firends that live accross the street!

i love work at the moment, becasue it's so quiet and calm. might have something to do with the fact that there are no students!! it's a well deserved time of year compared to how hectic it is at the start when you don't know the students and there are so-o many nameless faces!

ok i'll stop now before you think i've taken some sort of happy pill or you're getting annoyed at me because you're not in such a happy mood!!


YMiss said...

awwww i'm now smiling because your happy :) We're going heaton park on friday, if ur still studentless and canget away from work come with us.
You did say ur blogging friends were the ones u liked most and I know 2 of them will be there....baba will be slightly annoyed at u coming along so its defintly worth it ;)

Unique Muslimah said...

may Allah always make you happy habibty, your happiness gave me a lift! It's so good to see you happy, you deserve it and more. Love,

Faz said...

aww thats so cute... your so happy... can you pass some happiness over to me. Well you can when we meet up i have managed to take the afternoon off..... It is lovely that when i don't see you for a very long time we can just talk like the old times alhamdulillah...

See you soon inshallah

all my love

Faz XxX

just a temporary measure said...

I'm happy toooo!!! my exams have just finished, The weather's brilliant, iv'e got loads of spare time to spend how i like. Although i don't think the exam went so well , i mean really, noone thought they did well at all it was very hard but whats done is done yeh come to heaton park with us it will annoy Baba....oh and of course we would like your company too :)

Lucyp said...

I am glad that i read this in the evening and not this morning, i couldn't take someone being so happy first thing.

Anonymous said...

" i couldn't take someone being so happy first thing."
Yeah I know what you mean. Isn't it NORMAL to be moody in the morning? Chirpiness in the morning annoys me; it's almost unnatural.


AnonyMouse said...

I'm not so happy. The weather is grey and miserable; I loathe and despise Math; and Science is confuzzling.


mishy said...

I'm quite happy today too!I saw your mum today in TJ Hughes looking at plates, typical mums eh?! However I'm not so happy at the thought of you coming with us on Friday, you're too old. You'll only suck the youth out of our lives in an attempt to stay young yourself. You have been warned...STAY AWAY!!!!

Gry said...

And i love that you are you Smukke :)
The post made me smile and made me happy too, you're crazy and i know those days where everything just goes as the should and even better. I'm happy too, been with samia all day, had a fabulous haircut and been with some friends... It is a fantastic day, and tomorrow i have to write a 10 pages essay...mmmmm that does not make me happy though, i really need a holiday soon...
Elsker dig, savner dig...

'liya said...

Your blogging friends love you too! :D

hema said...

ymiss, unique and gry- i was so happy that my post made you guys happy too that i am even happier today!! and liya :)
lucy and annoymous- i didn't write this post in the morning i wrote it around midday. i'm not a morning person either. have i redeemed myslef now!!??

don't worry mishy, i won't increase the average age of the heaton park party. i know i said work is laid back at the moment but i can't take two days off in the same week! i think i'll concentrate on cheering farzana up, although i think my chirpiness is more likely to annoy her!!

jtm- (i'm so lazy not typing all that out, especially seen as it has taken me longer to write this passage out, i could have just written your name out)aa-nyway, what i was going to say was, enjoy your free time. if there's one thing i miss about exams, it's that after exam feeling!

gry - a ten page essay really?? but you've only just finished your project. they like to work you hard don't they! oh well just keep thinking about that holiday your planning.
mousey- likewise. i won't tell you that is is rea--lly sunny here at the moment! oops just did sorry!
hope your brain de-fuzzles soon and just keep thinking of the summer when you can go back to your hometown and see all your freinds!

Sumera said...

nice to see you happy! :D

Saabirah said...

Heaton Park! Haven't been for yonks! Can I come? Can I come?! What time?

(Don't ask my age...)

just a temporary measure said...

lol hahaha why not the more the merrier right?!