Monday, 4 June 2007

talking about nothing much

i'm at work and i'm bo--red. the students are on study leave and are supposed to come to see me if they want last minute revision tips for their exam tomorrow, but the ones i've seen are more concerned about their Maths exam today.

i should get on with some paper work and i have done some actually. i've looked through portfolios for communications and animal care. portfolios are so frustrating, everything has to be perfect and in the right order. i got one sent back because it had the wrong date on so i had to print off the work again and alter the's such a pain. i've got the IT ones left to do, but i'm scared to even start and i need something to do for the rest of the week!

at least i'm not invigilating today. i didn't used to mind invigilating, as it was rather fun seeing the usual fashion obsessed teens wearing mismatched clothes because they were too worried about their exam to care. but now i get really frustrated when i see them sitting there doing nothing, instead of answering the questions, or worse- doodling on the page. don't they know how much it annoys the examiners when they see that?? it shows you haven't answered the question properly if you have time to do that and it shows your not taking the exam seriously.

as you can see i've got no students to nag so i'm taking it out on you guys instead. one of my students just came to see me, but she's going to get an A anyway i don't know why she bothered (she's my favourite student)

anyway, i should make a start on cleaning my desk, i suppose. i share my office with two men over 50 and they are so--o clean and tidy! i don't know how they do it. i just dump extra worksheets and resources on my desk after the lesson, and don't want to throw them away in case the absent students ask for them, and the paper just tends to accumulate. and they do all the washing up and dusting. they also never eat junk! i feel guilty for bringing in biscuits when all they bring in is homegrown apples and tomatoes.
oh well, i've decided to start eating healthier anyway. well actually i decided months ago but this time i mean it! i'm going to start with small easy things and share them through my "healthy eating tips" which i will try to update regularly.
does anyone like my translation feature. probably don't have any readers from any of those countries but i just really like the way my page looks in Chinese!

anyway got two more students. that desrves me right for wishing they'll come!


'liya said...

Hehe, I like how you guys use the word "invigilate" it sounds so pretty and proper, here we just say 'supervise' :D

And that's pretty cool you get to access your blog at school. Unless we have our own personal laptops then on the school computers it seems like everything's restricted!

I just had my interview! Now I have to race of to make school in time... it was definitely an interesting school - will blog about it later.

AnonyMouse said...

Hahaha... I have the same problem right now... except that I'm probably one of the students you don't like right now - lots of work to do, but I don't feeeeeeeel like doooooiiiiinnnnnggggg it!!!
Oh well, school actually finished 6 minutes ago... so technically I'm allowed to goof off now... even though I've been goofing off all day! :P

hema said...

i never thought about the word "invigilate" much, but i guess it does sound a bit proper!
i think the reasoning behind it is you're supposed to be vigilent all the way through, and it's an active job rather then just sitting at the front supervising.

work have blocked all the instant messengers, hi5, facebook and myspace, but blogspot is still working! i guess it's not cool enough for the kids, they don't seem to be using it!

mousey- you have to put in the work now and it will pay off later, otherwise you will regret it later on. i'd carry on nagging but can't think of anything else to say right now!