Monday, 30 April 2007

random conversations i had today

(is my use of the word random annoying anyone yet? because that is my intention he he)

1st lesson
ME: there are some terms on the board, and some explanations on your desk. match them up while we wait for everyone else to come in.
random student: why has your voice gone all high and squeaky? is it because the inspectors might come in? don't worry we'll be good (can i take all of my students and put them in my pocket and take them home?)

later on in the lesson..

same student: stop looking at the door. if they come in, they come in. you're doing fine anyway (sometimes i think my students are more mature then me. this worries me slightly)

cocky student i have a love/hate relationship with
: if the inspectors come in, i'm going to tell them you threatened to kill me.
ME: what, when did i do that?
cocky student: last week when you were teaching the passive voice.
ME: oh yes.. well at least you remembered it.
(i killed jack/ jack was killed (by me) )

my boss: oh, you've put on your self assessment sheet that computer skills is a weakness.
ME: yes.. it's something i need to work on
my boss: oh but you're good with computers. you're always on there in your plan and prep time
(?? so does that mean i have permission to abuse my p&p time on the blogosphere??)

another random student
: i like the colour of your hood thing(purple)
ME: thank you. it's called a hijaab.
random student: oh, do you have one in every colour?
ME: almost..
random student:what colour is your hair?
RS: (surprised) really?

super sweeet colleauge: i see you're not wearing a brooch today.
ME: i had one on, but it must have fallen off:(
SSC:oh dear, have you checked lost property?
ME: the one in the other buidling. can't be bothered now, i might do later.

later on in the day
SSC: here's your brooch.
ME: aww, did you go down especially to get this?
SSC yes, i thought i may as well.
(don't things like that just make you smile )

final lesson
ME: so the advent of new teachnology has brought about the need for new words. such as blog, for example.
blank looks
does nobody know what a blog is?
blank looks


Samia_DK said...

LOL, love your post.
for some reason i related to the cocky student.. :o) ohh so many teachers must have hated me back in high school... :o)

so any different feeling when wearing a purple hijaab?

hema said...

"ohh so many teachers must have hated me back in high school.."

i simply cannot picture it! all i see is your sweet innocent smile. i bet you got away with murder in school!

Samia_DK said...

salaam my 2007 friend :o)

"i simply cannot picture it! all i see is your sweet innocent smile. i bet you got away with murder in school!"

on the note i shall figure out how to send you a picture of me during my so called "identity crisis" where i cutted of all my hair (2cm)WARNNING: not a pretty sight :o)
I got away with absolutely nothing in highschool, whenever anyone did something wrong, the blame was on me, the trouble maker! well i quess i didn't really mind, bad attention was better than no attention right, right?!
so keep that in mind the next time you are thinking about blaming any mis-doings on "the bad kid", they might just cover up for one of the sweet ones.. lol

by the way, my story didn't scare you too much did it?! LOL
it was so funny, but would probably only have reinforced your worries about having kids of your own.. but dont worry i actually am a good sitter, at least i cleaned it up :o) when others would perhaps have tried to make a run-LOL

salaam xxx

just a temporary measure said...

aawww colleague one was soo sweeeet
just for my curiosity was it a male colleague or female? ;)

hema said...

ooh so i finally get to see the picture! can't wait, and i promise i will not keep it and use it to bribe you if we ever fall out. (this is where you imagine my so called innocent smile :) )

i didn't say i was scared of being a mor (is that right?) i just i didn't want to be one. as for the stroy, it was the funniest thing i had heard in a long time, i think you should write about it on your blog! and also, the circumstances behind the fight between you and gry, i wanna know!!

JTM- he was male but about 50 so it's NOT what you're thinking ;)

Samia_DK said...

i am actually now reconsidering my offer regarding the photo LOL, its actually very few people who has been permitted to see it (beside the lucky ones who knew me at the time and are forever marked by it anyway, lol)

and yep MOR is just right :o)
as for posting the story on my blog, im not sure if i want anymore people to suffer from the tragedie of a "indeed-smelly picture", then again (*ME SMILING*) maybe i should... lol

(hey this is where i am ignoring the fight question he he)