Sunday, 29 April 2007

random.. handwriting!

ok, i was forced to do this by someone who threatened me with ninjabi moves. well, ok not quite but the potential is always there :)
i think i read somewhere once that your handwriting can tell you something about your personality. i think mine might show a split personality! any budding psychologists may also want to try analysing this, this, this and this.

now, the question is, which one of you is going to try it next..

i have finally managed to figure out how to add my own teaching resources and will be updating it soon(see this navigation bar on the left) it's only just occur ed to me that i should proabbly have had two separate blogs, so that people who are interested just in my teaching stuff don't have to listen to me going on. i may do that eventually if this page has too much stuff on soon. anyway, if you benefit from the teaching stuff, you have imuslim to thank, for showing me how to add links through google documents. and if you're muslim and benefit, you can make du for her

also, courtesy of imuslim's site, i thought this may amuse any of maniacmuslim fans out there. i almost wish i wanted a t-shirt because of the effort that s/he we?? has put into it, but i'm not quite sure what i'd do with a t-shirt at the moment (wear it to bed??). laughter seriosuly isn't haram, but perhaps in moderation, so read one page a day or something :)


Unique Muslimah said...

Good one sister :D love the pretty decorations, an original touch may I add! :D

iMuslim said...


OK, that was just too cute!

Mine looks so ugly in comparison... sob sob. ;)

Well done sis!

Now don't forget to tag someone. :)


Organic-Muslimah said...

LOL :p

Loving it.

Sumera said...


I'd analyse it and give you a report if I had the time to do so :p

iMuslim said...

Salaams again,

I don't have your e-mail addy, so can you please mail me instead on imuslim_uk(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk. Jazakallah sis. :)


hema said...

"I'd analyse it and give you a report if I had the time to do so"

lol, i'm glad you don't have the time then. i'm not sure i'd like that analysed. i'm much more comfortable with typing!

"love the pretty decorations"

thank you:) they are actually my hijaab pins i have scattered about on my bedside table so thought i'd add them in. apart from one i got out especially, which was present from saudi stepford wife (i don't actually wear it, i'm to scared of losing it)

"Now don't forget to tag someone"

hey, saudi stepford wife, why don't you go next? you have a lot of readers on your blog mashAllah, let's make this tag a global thing..

saudi stepford wife said...

Yay, I didn't think you still had my brooch!
Ok, my handwriting will be posted tout de suite! Now everyone will be sure I'm certifiably nuts.

PS at least I could read you're writing whenever I copied your lecture one borrowed mine twice!

Saabirah said...

Ur hand writing was scruffy in college, I doubt that's changed huh?

You know what Sheikh Tawfique said though? That bad handwriting is a sign of ones' intelligence. He said he's seen Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah's handwriting and it's terrible! But this was right after he demonstrated his own doctor-style handwriting lol. He said that the best handwriting was of those who studied hadith and the worst those who studied fiqh.

Interesting huh?