Tuesday, 24 April 2007

my poetry attempt

i've got nothing to say
but feel like posting anyway
at least this rhymes though
and i generally hate that, you know
and no i will not apologise for this post
in fact, i think it is something of which i will boast
i hope i will still have some friends left though
and they don't suddenly decide they no longer want to know
i'm starting a section on random stuff
but please don't get in a huff
i'll be back soon with something useful to say
so, don't go away
and until then spread greetings of peace
and make sure your good deeds never cease

(this counts as a poem right? i wasn't about to spill my guts on this thing!)


mishy_moshy said...

*leaves and never returns*

iMuslim said...

If it rhymes, it's a poem. :)

But does it make it art? *strokes chin*

Farzana said...

hmm I thought it was very creative... did u really think of it on the spot...

hema said...

banana i am assuming that is sarcasm, although it is not like you to be sarcastic. but yes it took me about two seconds- obviosuly!

imuslim- (is that as in ipod,imac? clever!) i am usually not inclined to rhyming in poetry. it makes it too "neat" and reminds me of nursery rhymes or something. although of course there are exceptions.

mishy (moshy) noo--o don't do that. your refusal to be nice is a refreshing change. people in britain are too nice in general. i'm beginning to rather like you. although quit telling your sister in law that. noone can take her place! (i know she is reading now:) )