Monday, 23 April 2007

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following on from my rant about teachers not understanding muslim students, i came accross something positive that can be done about the situation below. it's not just for teachers, but any professionals who work with muslims, so please let non muslim colleagues and managers know about it.

my work are encouraging as many people as possible to attend, which just reconfirms why i love it there so much. it's one of the only places i've worked which mean it when they say they celebrate diversity. they even have a member of staff wearing niqaab amidst all the recent controversy.

i think i will stay there forever. although it is supposed to be detrimental to your career to stay in one place too long. oh well i never claimed to be a high flying career gal anyway. for one thing, the only real way to progress in teaching is to take on a management position or extra responsiblilites, which just seems silly. why would you want to go into teaching and then take on less teaching hours? anyway i'd better stop waffling now (that's what my other blog is supposed to be for!) and let you read the part below.

p.s my poetry effort is coming soon i promise. i have done it but this post seemed more important, and i've been told that if keep posting at the rate i do, no one is going to bother reading anymore! oh wellifnooneisgoingtoreadimightaswelljustwritereallyfastlikethis.

pps forgive my hyperactivity i think i might be going crazy doing overtime under ofsted pressure. i now understand why i don't suffer from stress like other teachers seem to. it's because i don't do half the stuff i'm supposed to! i mean come on, detailed lesson plans for every lesson ?? and apparently under the new ofsted regime, they are going to check all the paperwork and might not even observe any lessons. what's the point in that? sigh

Dear Colleague

RE: Introduction to Islam & the Muslim Culture Course including Mosque visit

Following the immense success of our courses throughout the past few years (over 6000 people have now attended in the UK), we are pleased to announce further course dates for 2007.

Please visit our website for venue and date information in your area.

Attached is course information for your perusal along with a booking form should you wish to take up this great opportunity! It would also be very much appreciated if you could circulate this information amongst your staff and colleagues.

About the course
The course is specifically designed for Non-Muslim public sector professionals who work with Muslims from diverse communities.

It incorporates a visit to a local mosque and aims to provide participants with:
• A better understanding of basic beliefs & practices
• Information regarding the background to Muslims in Britain &
• Public Sector Development issues for Muslim Communities.

Sessions run throughout Yorkshire, London, Scotland, Midlands, Wales and the South East plus a range of other areas have all been an outstanding success.

Our client base includes a variety of departments and services, including:
• Local Authorities
• Primary Care Trusts
• NHS Acute Trusts
• Police & Fire Services
• Chaplaincy Services
• Sure Start
• Voluntary & Charity sectors …plus many more

Further information about the course and feedback from past delegates is available on our website: but please do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions or queries.

Our office number is 01924 466117

(We use our e-mail system to help reduce time and costs, so I would appreciate it if you could also forward this information onto those colleagues and departments who you feel may be interested or may benefit from attending such a course).

Please also feel free to display the attached information on your staff notice boards to benefit those who may not have direct access to an e-mail system.


iMuslim said...


The course looks good. I wonder, do they do it for any other religious/ethnic minority? In a way, i'd hate for Muslims to get such special treatment.

Btw, it's nice to see that you enjoy your work and your work environment, so much, mashallah. I don't think i'm cut for teaching, even though so many people have suggested it to me... not because i'm good at explaining things, or because i'm good with kids, but just cos they wonder what else i can do with my qualifications, if i don't want to continue in research! *rolls eyes*


hema said...

i think this particular organisation only do it for islam, due to all the current misconceptions. but i guess it is a type of positive discrimination.

why wouldn't you want to continue in research, it seems like fun. no really it does!

so whle i have you here, i wanted to ask a few questions seen as everyone i know seems as hopeless as me when it comes to working this blog:

1) how do i get the javascipt.. thingy so my recent comments are diplayed on the front page.
2)how do i add word documents stored on my computer to the links?
3)there is a new video bar feature so i can add a link from utube without people leaving the page. can't get that to work either!

iMuslim said...

why wouldn't you want to continue in research, it seems like fun. no really it does!

read this, and this, and this!

Even with all that pessimism, i'll admit it can be fun... but it hasn't been much for me. QadrAllahi wa maa shaa'a fa'ala.

1) For recent comments, go to Beautiful Beta, scroll down until you find the appropriate widget, and follow the installation instructions.

2) You have to upload said documents to a webspace, and then link from there. Do you have any webspace? Type "free webspace" into any search engine, and you'll find summit. Otherwise, Google may be able to help, if the files you want to share are documents.

3) The video bar thing seems to be new - they added it after i moved to WP... i'd have to fiddle with it on my old blog to see how it works.