Friday, 22 June 2007

stop spending, start saving

i'm drowning!

i really think i should be learning how to swim. does anyone want to join me?
the problem is i don't want to join a womens only group, with pretend segregation, i want a Muslim only group with some real segregation.
actually what i really want is a bug huge swimming pool just for me and noone else. it can't be that expensive, surely.

whilst i'm wishing, i also want a big huge tropical fish tank like this one.

aren't fish just the most amazing thing ever? but those things are so--o expensive.
and there's me thinking i''m not high manitenance! guess i was wrong

i think i better start saving.


faz said...

lol bagli, I want to learn how to swim so I will join you should we set one up together. hmm tropical fish they are very nice mashallah but I don't think I want to look after pets of any kind its too much work


faz said...

I can't spell lol its meant to be pagali

hema said...

it's fine, i know i'm pagali and bagli!

'liya said...

Learning how to swim is super importnat. Plus it's fun :D

Tropical fish tanks are gorgeous (though I don't think I have the patience or funds to maintain one)!

Anonymous said...

hey there are properly segregated swimming facilities in London alhamdulilah, come to London and we could go together insha'Allah. I looove swimming but haven't been for such a long time.

Umm Zaidah Nusaybah

Sumera said...

I want my own private pool!

just a temporary measure said...

samaira wants to learn swimming you could go with her
we have a big tank..we used to have goldfish but loads of different types not just the gold ones we had a white one and some black and gold ones with fancy tails...they even had babies...i would have let you have the tank but at the moment it's occupied by the gerbils :)

just a temporary measure said...

oh yeh i love the healthy living tip:) i suppose the cakes got fresh fruit on it and the jam is homemade so it's healthy?

hema said...

liya i don't have the patience to maintain it either, but i came up with an idea. we can convince our (future) husbands that it is a present for them and they will feel obliged to look after it.
do you think V will fall for it:)

umm ZN- that's an idea. i could move a--l the way to London to swim!
you should go again, it would be good for your baby.

sumera- shall we pool together ou money and buy one?

jtm-gish i've not spoken to that maami of yours for ages..
we had a tank as well. my mum made me get rid of it because i wasn't looking after it properly:(

Jen said...

LOL.... ur too funny girl!!! Feels good to know I'm not the only one wishing for a big huge pool for myself. These thoughts are most common during these hot horrific sweatful days. A pool just for moa where I can wear that tankini and not worry about anyone peaking or watching me sunbathe. LOL... I guess I better stop spending my money on that lipfusion and start depositing it in that empty bottle. Hugs ;)

'liya said...

I left a comment and it didn't show, then I left another and it didn't show, now I'm frsutrated!!

'liya said...

Argh!! That one showed!!!!

hema said...

jen, lfusion sounds painful!!!

liya- arrhh i hate it when that happens.