Tuesday, 12 June 2007

random waffling (again)

i've been inundated with work since my last post saying work is laid back, which i guess deserves me right! i've spent the last week doing a data destination check, which would have been fine except i have to include students who dropped out right at the start of the year, and i can't even remember what they look like! so, i had to do a lot of phoning around, and some people did not want to talk to me. i mean, how hard a question is it, "what do you have planned for next year?" there's no need to be rude about it.
although i think i am just as bad when i'm on the receiving end. i must be the most annoying person to speak to when someone is trying to sell me something. i only answer with "yes" or "no".
"would you like to upgrade your phone"

"are you happy with the one you have"

"what's your name?"

it works every time. you can't hold a conversation with someone that breaks the rules of conversation, it's impossible. i think i would get very frustrated working in a call centre. i should try to be nicer.

i've also had to update the prospectus. the A Levels as we know it are changing in 2008. at least it got me to read the new syllabus. the main difference is two modules per year instead of three, which would be ok but i've just got used to this one, why does it have to change?? most of the department have figured out they will will be retiring by 2008 so haven't bothered, so had to do a lot of the work for it myself, along with one other colleague. i suppose i would feel the same way if i was them.

ok, i'm done with the complaining! at least the weather is miserable today (only i would use that sentence in a positive way) and i won't keep getting asked if we can have classes on the grass "like we did in maths". why would i voluntarily teach with the creepy crawlies?
the AS students are back. it's a relief to be back in the classroom again. i was reminded why i would hate to have an office job seeing the same faces every day.
i think i will scare them by going through all the work for next year, and then we are playing countdown with scrabble letters- it works, and one has to improvise when there are no interatcive whiteboards available (poor me). it's also a good way to offload all the junk in my office, which is being replaced with healthy stuff this week.

oh, found something else to complain about. my wisdom tooth is starting to hurt. does this mean i have to go to the dentist, as all dentists are evil. i haven't been in yeee--aarrs.


Rosashe said...

AOA Hema,

gosh, you are actually rather polite compared to how I am with the telesale people :$ I signed up with ISP, which mean, my number should not be distributed to telesale companies, but that did not seem to stop these people. Some of these sales person can be extremely rude aswell. When you tell them, I am not interested in a new mobile phone, they will be like (in a very rude tone), you haven't even heard our offers, how do you know you are not interested... Hmm, then I tell them because I just got one yesterday. Grrrr


Samia_DK said...

salaam babe.
sorry i've not been commenting on your blog these last weeks (been so busy-lol) well here is my adviceto you....(and im writing this, still in a lot of pain) GO TO THE DENTIST GIRL!!!! i've just been last week to get my wisdom tooth removed, the rouths were so loooong, they couldnt even get the damn s*** out (AUUUUWWWW) it was really painfull, but atleast now i look like a normal person again-and i can CHEW- lol. (as there was an infection in the damn thing-excuse my language)
i had not been to the "D" word in like 5 years and have just been ignoring my mum every time she told me to go and get it "fixed" LOL. well i regret not going before, so i will advise u to get it over with... they can be quite nice you know- the dentists! and i am saying this as a "use-to-be-really-scared" of THOSE people, lol.
take care my twin. xxx

hema said...

oh no samia, don't scare me i don't want to go! it's not fair i look my teeth so well to avoid the dreaded dentist, i never asked for these extra teeth.i'm not going:( youghurt tastes quite nice, why do i ned to chew??
it's good to see you back on here:)

sheila, that's a good idea about ISP, i might try it.