Wednesday, 20 June 2007


i was planning to spend some time today posting some teaching ideas (i know that section is being neglected at the moment) but memes are much more fun, so i'm doing snowdrop's tag instead! so, here are my odd points.

1- i have a phobia of numbers and do not like maths. this is odd because everyone in my family is so good at maths, especially mental maths. i even use my calculator to add 1, just to make sure. i'm not kidding either.

2- my mum thinks i'm the loudest person ever, and is always complaining that i don't need to shout. that's not going to sound odd to a lot of people actually, just those who think i'm super quiet!

3- i strongly suspect i need to visit the opticians, as well as the dentist and i should probably throw in a visit to my GP as well (do i actually have one?) but i absolutely refuse to go. i just don't trust them, and i'm sure some GPs just hand out drugs to keep their patients quiet. this is odd because a lot of people seem to trust doctors etc unquestionably, but not me.

4- i really want a deep, husky voice. most women who have deep voices don't seem to like it but i would swap with my high pitched whiny voice any day.

5- i really like dark skin on asians as it looks rather suave. this may seem odd to some people who automatically associate pale skin with beauty, a concept which has always seemed quite bizarre to me.

that's all the "new" stuff i can think of at the moment. i think i've done something similar to this before. anyway, i tag sheila (rosache) and just a temporary measure.


Caged Bird said...

You'r so funny Hema! masha'Allah. im glad you've done a blog, as we dont get to socialise much and now im finding out what im missing out on! but khayr im getting to know you through your blog.

Oh my goodness your mum thinks your loud?!? you're one of the softest spoken person i know, as with all your sisters. I love it when you all four come trooping in to Class on fri. you all have this sweet smile masha'Allah and its nice that you guys do things together like that.
Respect to sista hud!

Faz said...

hema- lol your funny "I have always wanted a deep husky voice" hmmm I knew that when you told us about a sister you knew had one and your the loudest person ever your mum is so cute. Really hema your loud I can barely hear you sometimes, I cn hear your other sisters fine.

Rosashe said...


oh gosh, I've been tagged again. I think this time I really need to think about it :$ Just worried you will be bored, as I am quite a boring person ;)

I agree with you about skin, I think as long as you have nice skin, it doesn't matter what colour it is, it is lovely.


Snowdrops said...

i was wondering when you were going to do the tag know as a matter of fact, i did think you're super quiet...i don't know...perhaps because you're do i say this?...i actually have no idea =|'re posts are quite...calming and relaxing...somehow?

'liya said...

I love my calculator, I don't know what I'd do without it :D

hema said...

caged bird, you're the funny one, my sister and i were in stitches when we read your comment! yep total respect for the sista hud, but we do our fair share of bickering trust me
they're ok though, i suppose. it is kind of nice to always have someone to do something with.
i feel bad for people with no sisters. my sister in law has none!

faz-ooh i love that girl's voice, i could listen to it all day mashAllah.

hhm the loudness, well in my defence we have four floors in our house, and we are usually either in the cellar(where the pcs are) or in the attics(where the bedrooms are) so you have to shout to get yourself heard!

i'm very quiet around people i'm in awe of, or don't like very much and figure it's best to say nothing-i'll let people figure out which one applies to them!

shiela- i'm interested in what you have to say, that's why i chose you! and trust me, noone can be more boring than me. i just have my job and straight home that's all!

snowdrops- aaw thank you:)
i do try to be quiet most of the time, especially in public
it's just when i have my tantrums, but i'm working on that!

Umm Maymoonah said...

HEMA your crazy. Official now.

hema said...

liya, calculators are the best. i watched this program once where these little kids could do these lo--oong sums using one of those bead thingies. i was full of admiratation.
i've forgotton my times tables.

umm maymoonah- i was going to ask which point finally proved it, bit it was probably all of them!!!