Thursday, 19 April 2007

it's my blog and i'll write what i want to!

i'm kidding, i'm kidding, i'm kidding

but on a serious note, i have been told i should remember that people reading this blog are at different levels of imaan, and that my post on fear a while back may have been a bit too much. whilst i'm not going to apologise for it, i just wanted to clarify that i didn't have ANYONE (except myself) in mind when i wrote that post,especially seen as i've struggled with some of those things myself.

but as i've said before, there is something about this emotion of fear that compels one to act in a certain way. how many people revise for exams because they love to do it, for example? and how many do it because they are scared of daddy's chappal :) or that they won't get the desired job?

of course, fear is not the only thing that motivates us. There are other reasons we do things, intense love and gratefulness to name only two. but thinking scary thoughts as often as possible is something that works for me.

but real fear, fear like we should fear, fear that Allah is always with us, and everything we say or do..or think and write.. is being recorded,i don't think i have that.

in fact i know i don't

and i don't know anyone else that has it either.

i know plenty of people that can talk the talk but i'm starting to realise when it comes down to it, when it really matters, it seems harder to walk the walk (so to speak) i'll leave that there, as i know some of you know only too well what i'm talking about.

again, as i said, i include myself very firmly in the above category and this post is a reminder to myself more then anyone else.


hema said...

oops not quite sure what happened here. i think i should stop mucking around with templates. but i just can't seem to find one that's "me".
i'll sort it out soon.

Saabirah said...

I prefer the original layout love.