Saturday, 28 April 2007

Acquiring the love of Allah

seven types of people will will be under the shelter of Allah's mercy on the Day when there will be no shade other than that of Allah's mercy.1) a just imam. 2) a young person who kept busy in Allah's worship. 3)a person whose heart is attached to the masjid.4)two people who loved each other for Allah's sake, gathered for His sake and parted, remembering Him. 5)a man who was invited by a beautiful and charming woman but declined her offer, saying "i fear Allah". 6)a person who gave charity so secretly that their left hand did not know what was given by the right hand. 7) a person who remembered Allah privately, so that their eyes brimmed with tears".(Bukhari,Muslim)

may Allah grant us the Tawfeeq to do everything for His sake only.


Samia_DK said...

salaam Hema.
as i told you, i liked the fact that you put it on your blog, but have had difficulties on how to comment on it. It has made me think ALOT, surely like most of you when reading or learning something new that wakes a feeling inside (especially on islam, for those of you who are muslims.
Mash'Allah for a reason i felt like crying when i first read it.
The beauty in each type of people that we should all do our best to become...

And then fear hit me... what if i am not worth the mercy of Allah, our Lord and Creator.
Does anyone recognize the imberessing feeling of having something "not good" inside?! its like regardless of how much i try to fight it, it always gets me. Like when talking about someone behind their backs (i hate it the very second i do it and always regret doing so) or when not showing enough kindness to someone because you are so affected by your own bad mood..
it hurts to admit that i may not posses any of the seven types of people... And Allah knows best.
I pray that i shall be more steadfast in following his ways given to our prophet Mohammad(saw)

i thank you for posting this my friend, what a great reminder.

SALAAM to you.

hema said...

Allah indeed knows best, and Allah is the Most Forgiving.

"Does anyone recognize the imberessing feeling of having something "not good" inside?"

YES!ALL THE TIME!! like you would not believe.

i'm glad you're learning from it, and it's important to learn from each other. i'll put up more hadiths especially for you then.

wasalaam to you xx

Samia_DK said...

yes please put up some more hadiths, it will be much appriciated.

All my love and du'as SAMIA xxx