Saturday, 31 March 2007


It is said that the Arabic word Taqwa can never really be translated as it encompasses a range of emotions, the fear of Allah being only one of them. but i wanted to talk a little about this topic becasue fear is a very powerful emotion.

Here are a few things that scare me

There will be more women then men in hell

A woman who wears tight clothes will never even smell the scent of paradise.

Out of every 1000 muslims, only one will go to paradise without first having to go to hell.

Whoever misses the pre dawn prayer intentinally even once will enter hell for at least 50,000 years.

I could talk about Allah’s mercy next. But I don’t want to. Because I think I for one could do with a bit more taqwa in my day to day life.


YMiss said...

Thank you...a much needed reminder

mishy said...

Can I just ask about this one:

A woman who wears tight clothes will never even smell the scent of paradise.

Does that mean in public or all the time? What I mean is, even when you're in front of your sisters or family? This issue rreeallyyy confuses me :s

Good post though, like ymiss said, a much needed reminder indeed.

mishy said...

Oh I also meant to ask, which would you use in this sentence while or whilst?

With a beta of 0.413, the company’s equity is positively related but less responsive to size factor; while/st the stock returns of Timken are more affected by the Value Premium.

Help. And quick please.

hema said...

mishy, two very good questions, you see this is why i like you:)

while/whilst are interchangeable in British Standard English, so you can use either. just make sure you're consistent and use amongst instead of among, for example. obviously, whilst sounds more formal and archaic, although i think (but i'm not sure) that while is actually older. if you are absolutely dying to know you could ask david crystal who has a blog!:

as for the issue on dress code,the post was meant as a reminder of how we should be dressing in public. i didn't want to get into the fiqh of awrah( parts of the body which need to be covered) as obviously such questions need to be addressed to the ulema (people of knowledge)

however it's funny you should ask the question as i've been discussing it with a few sisters because of the "gym" classes we are attending, so i've been trying to do some research.

i always assumed the awrah was from the navel to the knees in front of other women, but apparently it is not that simple. someone i trust directed me to:

so i've been reading through is a brief summary:

in front of other muslim women you need to cover:
from the navel to the knees (so that includes your sisters..)
in front of mahram men (men you cannot marry) : from the navel to the knees, and also stomach and back.
in front of non mahram males: everything except face, hands and feet.
in front of non mulsim women: everything except face, hands and feet.

i need to do a lot more reearch into this, so will let you know soon. meanwhile, maybe some other people would care to share their views on this issue:)

and Allah knows best.

Anonymous said...

Hmm… so I guess I need to prepare to go to hell then!
I guess at least all my friends will be there :)

hema said...

annonymous- noone has the right to judge or decide that except for Allah, the post was just meant as a reminder and i meant it as a reminder to myself first of all. a lot of those issues apply to me too, but rather than thinking about preparing for hell, we should remember that it is never too late to sincelrely repent and pray for Allah's mercy.
i pray Allah guides you and your firens on the straihgt path to Jannah. Ameen.