Wednesday, 21 March 2007

5 weird things about me

1. i can move my ears without touching them. i mean just my ears without moving the rest of my face. it's a skill i'm quite proud of as a matter of fact.
2. i share the exact same birthday as my sister. we were born one year apart.
3. i tend to sing a lot whilst i'm moving around the house. it annoys my family a lot.
4. i learnt how to play the drums in school.
5. my students think i'm Kenyan. i thought it was funny so never bothered correcting them.

ok, so i'm very new to the blogging world, but i do know that now i've done this, i can "tag" other people and they have to do the same thing on their blog? so i tag ymiss and umm maymoona. the rest of you can just do it on my comments section of course:)


YMiss said...

I see your challange and i accept...anything to avoid doing assignments!

hema said...

ymiss- i'm not sure you should have admitted to that last one. we might end up haven't to put you up in an asylum. the rest of you can check it out as
to see what i mean!

baba said...

1. i have a scar shaped like a cross on my left hand
2. i learnt how to play the trumpet at school- (but ive well and truly forgotten now i think)
3. i can touch my nose with my tongue- im really quite proud of that one
4. i dont know my left from my rights- a concept that has caused many problems whilst driving sigh
5. i hate belly buttons-and i hate people touching my stomach- 'it cringes me(!)'

oh and i have a weird sister....

mishy said...

Wow baba and hema were you guys like the Jackson 5? What could the others do??? (and baba you never did the nose thing for us in college, hmph).

My 5 weird things:
1. I can move my right thumb in a weird way.
2. I can move my right shoulder in a weird way (ymiss will testify to both of these).
3. I too randomly remember things and laugh out loud..often in public.
4. Ask me a question, any question about 24 and 9 times out of 10 I will know the answer.
5. I haven't cleaned my room since early Jan. The dustballs under my bed will probably soon launch their attack to take over the house.

YMiss said...

i love you to ;-)

hema said...

:) every once in a while, i carefully select someone from my address book and send them a text letting them know i love them. you were my person for this week:)

YMiss said...

Really?! wow i feel so special! at first I thought it was sent to a number of people. It couldn't have come at a better time :D

Undescovered genius said...

Y only 5? n does it have to be in order, and wat would you class as werd, i think im on a completely different level. wel....
1) my fave name is Bob
and i think the rest is inappropriate for your innoncent minds...apart form babs (wats wiht tht btw?) n hema...ehem 14 n counting.